Visiting an Osteopath

On your first visit, and before examination begins, we will discuss and record your past medical history/illnesses, medication details, previous falls/injuries and family/genetic medical history. We will then discuss in detail your current problem for which you are consulting us for. A thorough physical examination will then follow during which you will normally be asked to remove some of your clothing. Further investigations such as X-rays and blood tests may be required depending on the condition.

When we have completed our thorough examinations we are then able to make an accurate diagnosis. An accurate diagnosis is the prerequisite for a safe and effective treatment.

All treatments are based on the individual needs of the patient. Techniques which we commonly use include soft tissue massage/stretching techniques, joint mobilisation, joint manipulation, joint gapping/traction and heat/cold therapy. We will also advise patients of exercises and stretches which can be done at home to assist recovery.

We are able to provide full osteopathic assessments following accidents for insurance purposes. Please first check with your legal adviser or insurance company.